Winter Jobs For Teens

From snow shoveling to ice skating, there are plenty of jobs that are perfect for the winter season. For example, if you’re good at shoveling snow and don’t mind the cold weather, you can offer your services to people who need their driveways and walkways cleared. Or, if you’re an experienced ice skater, you could teach lessons or work at a local ice rink.

Although the winter season can be harsh, it also brings along some unique job opportunities that may not be available during the rest of the year. If you’re on the lookout for some seasonal work during the colder months, we’ve got you covered. On this page, we’ll introduce you to a wide range of winter jobs that are available, along with step-by-step instructions that will help you get started.

At the same time, it’s important to remember that not every job is suitable for everyone. That’s why we’ve made sure to segment the job opportunities by age group so that you can find the jobs that are appropriate for you. Whether you’re a teenager looking for a winter job, or an adult who wants to make some extra money during the holiday season, we’ve got the resources you need to succeed.


Becoming a teenage artist is a perfect job for those who enjoy creating art in various forms such as drawing, painting, or sculpting. Winter is an ideal time to work on your craft since outdoor activities may be limited, and the holiday season provides an excellent opportunity to sell your art as gifts.

Additionally, art fairs and exhibitions are often held during the winter months, giving teenage artists a chance to showcase and sell their work to a broader audience. With a passion for art and creativity, teenage artists can turn their talent into a rewarding job during the winter season.

Assistant Hairdresser

As a teenager, you can start building your career as a hairdresser by working as an assistant in a beauty salon. While you won’t be able to obtain a cosmetology license until you turn 18, there are still many tasks you can assist with.

These include keeping the salon tidy, greeting clients, and scheduling appointments. With more experience and training, you may also get the opportunity to shampoo hair and assist with dyeing. Working as a teenage assistant hairdresser is a great way to gain valuable experience in the beauty industry and learn from experienced professionals.


Babysitting is a great part-time job for teenagers who enjoy spending time with children. As a teenage babysitter, you can make money by caring for kids in the evenings, on weekends, and during school breaks.

Parents often need someone to watch their children when they can’t be there, so there is a demand for reliable and trustworthy babysitters. As a babysitter, you will be responsible for the safety and well-being of the children in your care. This includes feeding them, playing with them, and putting them to bed.


Winter is the perfect time to showcase your baking skills as a teenage baker. With holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, there is a high demand for sweet treats like cakes,

As a teenage baker, you’ll need to ensure you have all the necessary ingredients and perfect your recipes to create delectable baked goods. Once you have your recipes in place, it’s time to start taking orders! People will turn to you for special events like birthdays, holiday celebrations,

Camp Counselor

Teenage camp counselors have the opportunity to work at camps that run weekend programs during the school year, making this job available outside of the summer months. Additionally, teenagers can create their own camps during after-school hours or weekends with a bit of effort.

In either scenario, the primary responsibility of a teenage camp counselor is to ensure the safety of campers while creating a fun and engaging environment. This job requires a lot of energy and enthusiasm, Overall, being a teenage camp counselor can be a rewarding

Car Snow Remover

As a teenage car snow remover, you can offer a valuable service to your neighbors during the winter months. After a big snowstorm, many people dread the task of digging out their car from under a pile of snow. This is where you can step in and make some money by offering your snow removal services.

You can start by creating a list of people who would be interested in your services and then wait for the next big snowstorm to hit. Once it does, you can head out and begin clearing snow from people’s cars, allowing them to get to work or school on time.


If you have a passion for cooking and are experienced as a line cook, then being a teenage chef can be an exciting career opportunity for you. You can start by searching for restaurants in your area that match your culinary interests and apply for a job as a cook.

With time and practice, you can work your way up the kitchen hierarchy and eventually become a chef. This can be a fulfilling job that allows you to express your creativity and provide delicious meals for patrons.

Christmas Tree Remover

As the holiday season winds down, many people need help getting rid of their Christmas trees. That’s where a teenage Christmas tree remover comes in! You can earn money by helping people take their trees out of their homes and dispose of them.

This can involve removing ornaments, lights, and other decorations from the tree, as well as carrying the tree out of the house and disposing of it properly. To be successful in this job, you’ll need to have some physical strength.

Concession Stand Worker

Winter events like ice skating rinks, holiday markets, and winter carnivals are great places for teenagers to work as concession stand workers. Working at a concession stand during the winter means that you’ll need to handle cash, interact with customers, and keep your workspace clean and tidy.

You may also need to prepare food or drinks, and make sure that you have enough stock of everything that you are selling. It’s important to be on your feet for long periods of time, and have a friendly demeanor when dealing with customers.

Game Tester

If you enjoy playing video games and have an eye for detail, becoming a teenage game tester could be a great winter job for you. As a game tester, you will be responsible for playing video games and identifying any issues or bugs that need to be fixed before the game is released to the public.

This job requires patience, attention to detail, and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Game testers typically work in teams and follow specific testing protocols to ensure that the game is thoroughly tested and all issues are identified.

Garage Cleaner

A teenage garage cleaner can earn a good amount of money by helping people clean and organize their garages. Most people tend to neglect their garages, which makes it a perfect opportunity for teenagers who are looking for part-time jobs.

Depending on the needs of the customer, a teenage garage cleaner may be required to perform general cleaning duties such as sweeping and dusting, or more intensive tasks like reorganizing the entire garage and moving heavy objects around.

Gift Basket Creator

Winter is a great time to start your own business as a teenage gift basket creator because of the various holidays that occur during the season. You can create gift baskets that are tailored to specific holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or even birthdays.

As a teenage gift basket creator, you will need to do some market research to determine the types of gift baskets that people in your area are interested in. This will help you to choose the right products.

Gift Wrapper

If you have a talent for wrapping gifts and are looking for a winter job, then being a teenage gift wrapper could be the perfect fit for you. Many stores offer gift wrapping services during the holiday season, and you could look for opportunities to work with them.

Alternatively, you could also offer gift wrapping services to people in your community from the comfort of your own home. As a teenage gift wrapper, your primary responsibility is to ensure that each gift is wrapped elegantly, with attention to detail, and a creative touch.

Holiday Decorator

If you have a passion for holiday decorations and love to help others bring the holiday spirit to their homes, then being a teenage holiday decorator might just be the perfect winter job for you. As a holiday decorator, you can offer your services to family, friends, and neighbors in need of assistance in decorating their homes for various holidays.

You’ll need to be creative and have an eye for design to make their homes look beautiful and festive. This job can be particularly beneficial for older individuals.

Hot Chocolate Salesman

Winter weather calls for warm and comforting beverages, and as a teenage hot chocolate salesman, you can capitalize on this demand and make good money. The key is to find a location with high foot traffic, such as a busy downtown area or a winter festival.

Once you have secured a spot, you will need to prepare the hot chocolate and keep it warm for customers. To stand out from competitors, you may want to consider offering unique flavors of hot chocolate or adding toppings like whipped cream or marshmallows

House Sitter

As a teenage house sitter, you can provide a valuable service to people who are going on vacation for an extended period of time. While the owners are away, they need someone reliable to take care of their home and ensure everything runs smoothly.

As a house sitter, your responsibilities may include checking the mail, watering plants, feeding pets, and ensuring that the house is secure. Being a teenage house sitter is a great winter job because it can be done on a part-time or full-time basis,

Household Assistant

As a teenage household assistant, you have the opportunity to help busy families with a variety of tasks that they may not have time for. Whether it’s light cleaning, laundry, or other household chores, your help can make a big difference in their daily lives.

In addition to basic housekeeping tasks, you may also be asked to run errands, pick up groceries, or assist with childcare. Your responsibilities will vary depending on the needs of each family, so it’s important to be flexible and willing to adapt to different situations.

Interior Designer

Becoming a teenage interior designer is an exciting opportunity for those who are passionate about home decor and have a creative eye. Whether it’s winter or any other season, people are always looking for someone to help them create the perfect interior design for their home.

As a teenage interior designer, you can offer your services to help clients with color selection, furniture arrangement, and home decoration. To start your career as a teenage interior designer, you may need to gain experience by assisting,

Log Splitter

During the winter months, many people rely on firewood to keep their homes warm and cozy. However, splitting logs can be a difficult and time-consuming task, which is why a teenage log splitter can be a valuable asset.

If you have the strength and knowledge to safely split wood, then this could be the ideal job for you. As a teenage log splitter, your main responsibility would be to find customers who need firewood cut, and then go to their home and split the larger logs into smaller pieces for them.

Makeup Artist

There are various avenues for teenage makeup artists to pursue based on their interests and skills. For instance, some teenage makeup artists may choose to focus on painting faces with bright colors at birthday parties or other events where kids are present.

Others may prefer to work at a theater, applying stage makeup to actors so that their expressions are visible to the audience from afar. The opportunities are limitless, and as a teenage makeup artist, you can choose to specialize in different areas depending.


Becoming a teenage model doesn’t require you to be the most physically attractive person in your class. Nowadays, there are plenty of opportunities for teenage models regardless of their appearance. The primary objective of modeling is to influence people to purchase a product or service.

As a teenage model, you will need to be able to follow the instructions of the company or client who hired you to model their products. Teenage models are needed for a variety of different projects,

Music Teacher

Becoming a teenage music teacher can be a great way to earn money all year round, especially if you have a passion for playing an instrument and enjoy teaching others.

Whether you choose to offer private lessons or group lessons, the key to success as a teenage music teacher is having knowledge of your chosen instrument and the ability to effectively communicate that knowledge to your students. Private lessons involve working one-on-one with a student and can be tailored to their specific skill.

Plant Sitter

If you have a green thumb and enjoy caring for plants, then working as a teenage plant sitter can be a great way to earn money. When people go out of town, they often need someone to take care of their plants, which is where you come in. As a teenage plant sitter, you may take care of the plants in your own home or visit the client’s home to tend to them.

It is important to follow the homeowner’s instructions carefully to ensure that the plants receive the appropriate amount of sunlight, water, and fertilization so that they thrive until the owner returns.

Shoe Shiner

Becoming a teenage shoe shiner can be a great way to find consistent work within your local community. While it may not be the most glamorous job, it is relatively easy to learn and there is always a demand for it. Many people appreciate having their shoes professionally shined, but don’t have the time or expertise to do it themselves.

As a teenage shoe shiner, you can offer your services to these people and earn money in the process. To get started as a teenage shoe shiner, you will need to learn how to properly shine shoes. This involves using the right supplies.

Ski Instructor

If you have the skill of skiing, you can consider becoming a teenage ski instructor. You can either work for a ski resort as an instructor or start your own business as an independent ski instructor by finding your own clients.

Depending on the place of employment, you may be teaching people of all ages, ranging from young children to even adults. However, it is crucial to dress appropriately for the job since you will be spending most of your time outdoors in the cold.

Snow Shoveler

When the snow starts falling, teenagers can make some extra cash by working as snow shovelers. Although it can be strenuous, it can also be a profitable job if you have many customers in your neighborhood.

As a snow shoveler, your main task is to remove snow from driveways, walkways, and other areas that require clearing. Additionally, you may need to salt these areas to prevent people from slipping and falling. Working as a snow shoveler requires some physical strength.

Soup Salesman

Winter presents a great opportunity for teenagers to become soup salesmen. During the cold season, people crave warm, comforting soups, and most soups are simple to prepare, making it an excellent money-making venture for teenagers.

To get started, you could set up a soup stand at a busy location or event where you can sell your homemade soups, or offer pre-made soup delivery to customers. As a teenage soup salesman, you can experiment with different soup recipes and find the ones that people enjoy the most.

U-Haul Reservation Sales Agent

For teenagers who are looking for a stable hourly-paying job, becoming a Uhaul reservation sales agent is an excellent option to consider. To become a reservation sales agent for Uhaul, the first step is to secure a job with the company.

Once hired, the primary responsibility of a reservation sales agent is to address customer inquiries regarding Uhaul services. This may involve providing information about the available truck sizes and rates, as well as assisting customers in making reservations that meet their specific needs.

Winter Camp Instructor

If you enjoy working with children and are passionate about winter activities, working as a teenage winter camp instructor could be an excellent job opportunity for you. With the increasing popularity of winter camps, there are more opportunities available for teenagers to work as camp instructors.

As a teenage winter camp instructor, you will be responsible for planning and leading various winter activities, such as snowshoeing, ice-skating, and skiing. You will also be responsible for ensuring the safety

Winter Clothes Creator

Becoming a teenage Uhaul reservation sales agent can be a great option for those looking for a steady job with hourly pay. However, getting this job requires first obtaining a position with Uhaul.

Once hired, your primary responsibility will be to provide excellent customer service by answering any inquiries that customers may have regarding Uhaul’s services. As a teenage Uhaul reservation sales agent, you will also be responsible for assisting customers.

Zoo Assistant

For teenagers who are passionate about working with animals, becoming a teenage zoo assistant can be a fulfilling and exciting job opportunity. The role of a teenage zoo assistant can vary depending on the specific zoo they work at, but it typically involves helping with a variety of tasks both behind the scenes and in front of visitors.

One of the primary responsibilities of a teenage zoo assistant is to help care for the animals. This could involve tasks such as feeding, cleaning, and monitoring their health and wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good winter jobs for teens?

Some good winter jobs for teens include working at retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters, or as a winter sports instructor, snow shoveler, or pet sitter.

How old do you have to be to work in the winter?

The age requirement to work in the winter varies by state and country, but in the United States, teens can start working at the age of 14 with a work permit.

How can teens find winter jobs?

Teens can find winter jobs by checking with local businesses, such as retail stores, restaurants, and movie theaters, or by searching online job boards, such as Indeed or Monster.

What are some tips for teens looking for winter jobs?

Some tips for teens looking for winter jobs include starting the job search early, preparing a resume and cover letter, practicing interview skills, and networking with family and friends.

How much do winter jobs for teens typically pay?

The pay for winter jobs for teens varies depending on the job and location, but it is usually minimum wage or slightly above. Some jobs, such as winter sports instructors or pet sitters, may pay more.

How many hours can teens work during the winter?

The number of hours that teens can work during the winter depends on their age, state or country laws, and the type of job. In the United States, teens ages 14 and 15 can work up to three hours on school days and up to eight hours on non-school days, while teens ages 16 and 17 can work up to eight hours on school days and up to 40 hours per week during non-school weeks.

What skills can teens gain from winter jobs?

Teens can gain a variety of skills from winter jobs, including customer service, time management, communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. They may also develop industry-specific skills, such as snowboarding or skiing skills for a winter sports instructor job.


Winter is a great time for teens to find employment opportunities and earn some extra money. Some good winter jobs for teens include working at retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters, or as a winter sports instructor, snow shoveler, or pet sitter. These jobs not only provide financial benefits but also help teens gain valuable skills and work experience.

To find winter jobs, teens can check with local businesses or search online job boards. It’s important for teens to start the job search early, prepare a resume and cover letter, practice interview skills, and network with family and friends. The pay for winter jobs for teens varies depending on the job and location, but it is usually minimum wage or slightly above.

Teens should also be aware of the number of hours they can work during the winter, which depends on their age, state or country laws, and the type of job. It’s important for teens to balance their work schedule with school and other activities.

Winter jobs for teens provide an opportunity for them to develop important skills such as customer service, time management, communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. These skills will not only benefit them in their future careers but also in their personal lives. Overall, winter jobs for teens are a great way for them to gain valuable experience, earn some money, and develop important skills.