How to Become a Teenage Landscaper

What Does a Teenage Landscaper do?

As a teenage landscaper, your primary responsibility will be to cultivate and maintain the greenery surrounding a business or a building. This involves helping individuals keep their lawns and outdoor spaces clean, regardless of the size of the property. You will be involved in various activities such as planting new flowers, trees, or bushes, mowing the lawn, weeding, installing and cleaning lawn furniture, and ensuring the overall maintenance of the outdoor areas.

Given that much of your time will be spent outdoors, it is beneficial to have a keen interest in gardening. As a landscaper, you should be prepared to work with your hands and get a little dirty. However, the rewards of seeing the positive transformation of a space can make it all worth it!

How Much Does a Teenage Landscaper Get Paid?

As a teenage landscaper starting out, you can typically expect to earn an hourly wage ranging from $10 to $15. However, it’s important to note that this line of work is physically demanding, requiring you to spend the majority of your day performing manual labor outside. In the beginning, short-term contracts may be the norm, which can present a challenge.

However, with hard work and perseverance, you can work your way up to securing longer-term contracts and potentially even building your own successful landscaping business. Currently, the landscaping industry is in high demand and there are many opportunities for growth and prosperity, as larger landscaping companies continue to earn substantial profits.

How Can I Get Started as a Teenage Landscaper?

Before embarking on your journey to become a teenage landscaper, it is important to discuss your plans with your parent(s) to ensure your safety and receive any help they may offer.

To be a successful landscaper, you will need to acquire a few key skills and learn to use the necessary tools efficiently. Websites like DIY Network offer helpful lists of commonly used landscaping tools, allowing you to determine which ones you need to purchase on sites like Amazon. Additionally, it is valuable to learn techniques such as weed pulling and bush trimming.

Becoming a certified landscaper can increase your likelihood of finding employment and provide an investment in your future success. Consider taking classes in your community or neighborhood to expand your knowledge and skills.

When seeking positions, look beyond business websites, as many of your potential clients will be ordinary people in need of landscaping services. Effective methods include searching Craigslist or going door-to-door in your neighborhood to offer your services.

When applying for a position, showcase your skills and any certifications you have obtained. Physical fitness and endurance are also desirable qualities in a landscaper, so don’t hesitate to highlight your strengths. If you encounter rejection, stay persistent, and remember that everyone starts somewhere.

Becoming a teenage landscaper may take time to earn money, but it is a valuable experience-building job that can lead to future success. Sticking with the job and potentially forming your own company can bring you prosperity in the future. Congratulations, you are now officially a landscaper!

Helpful Resources Here is a comprehensive list of the most commonly used landscaping tools to help you understand what you will need: An online store with a vast selection of tools to purchase and the largest variety available. This website can assist you in locating landscaping jobs in your local area.


What is a teenage landscaper?

A teenage landscaper is someone who works to cultivate and care for the greenery outside of a business or a building. They help people keep their lawns and backyards clean by planting new flowers, trees, or bushes, mowing, pulling weeds, installing and cleaning lawn furniture, and generally maintaining the outside of a building.

How much can a teenage landscaper expect to earn?

A teenage landscaper just starting can expect to earn somewhere between $10-$15 per hour.

What skills are needed to become a successful teenage landscaper?

To become a successful teenage landscaper, you should learn how to use the most commonly used landscaping tools and learn skills like how to pull weeds and how to trim a bush. Certification is also beneficial and can help you land a job.

Where can a teenage landscaper find jobs?

Teenage landscapers can find jobs on sites like Craigslist or by going door-to-door in their local neighborhoods.

Is teenage landscaping physically demanding?

Yes, teenage landscaping is physically demanding and involves spending the entire day outside doing manual labor.

What should a teenager do before becoming a landscaper?

Before becoming a teenage landscaper, it is important to speak to your parent(s) to ensure your safety and get their help in your efforts.


Becoming a teenage landscaper can be a great opportunity for young people to learn new skills and earn money. It is a physical job that requires a certain level of strength and endurance, as well as knowledge of landscaping tools and techniques.

However, with the right skills and experience, a teenage landscaper can build a successful business and earn a good income. It is important to speak with parents or guardians before starting, learn the necessary skills, get certified, and find job opportunities. With dedication and hard work, a teenage landscaper can turn this job into a successful career.

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