How to Become a Teenage Garage Sale Assistant

What Does a Teenage Garage Sale Assistant do?

Assisting with a garage sale involves a lot of work, but it can be a great opportunity to earn money by helping out a friend, family member, or neighbor. There are three main parts to a garage sale: setup, sales, and tear down, and there are several ways in which you can assist with each part.

During setup, you can help by setting up tables, organizing items on the tables, pricing items, and placing signs to advertise the sale. During the sale, you can assist customers by answering questions and offering help, handling transactions by accepting money and making change, and helping customers carry their purchases to their cars. After the sale, you can help by packing up any unsold items, taking down the tables, and removing the signs.

How Much Does a Teen Garage Sale Assistant Get Paid?

Determining the hourly rate for working as a garage sale assistant can be difficult. It’s best to discuss payment with your employer before beginning work. One common payment option is a flat rate of $20 for each day of the sale. Alternatively, you may be offered a percentage of the total sales, which can result in higher or lower earnings depending on the success of the sale and pricing.

If you can find multiple people who require assistance with their garage sales, this could be a great summer job opportunity. With your parents’ permission, you could even host your own garage sale and keep all the profits for yourself, provided you have sufficient unwanted items to sell.

How Can I Get Started as a Teen Garage Sale Assistant?

  • Seek permission from your parents, especially if you plan to assist strangers and enter their homes. When looking for helpers for your garage sale, start with your relatives and friends. If this doesn’t work, consider offering your services on local Facebook or Craigslist groups. Ensure that your parents are involved and that you keep safety a top priority.
  • Create signage to direct potential buyers to the garage sale. Visit the location a few days before the event to determine the number of signs needed. To ensure visibility, use bright colors and make the signs consistent so people can quickly recognize the sale. Indicate “Garage Sale” or “Yard Sale” in large letters and ensure the address is legible. Check with the city regarding sign regulations and include any necessary information on the signs. Amazon’s giant Sharpies are an excellent tool for creating garage sale signs.
  • Assist in acquiring tables if the sale requires additional ones. Accompany the person you’re helping to get tables from a friend’s house or offer your parents’ extra tables.
  • Arrange the items for sale. This can be time-consuming, and it’s best to start the day before if the weather is good. Categorize the items by type, such as clothing, kitchenware, games, tools, and holiday decorations, making it easier for buyers to locate items of interest. Ensure that all items are visible and reachable, as poorly organized items deter buyers. Make the most of the available space, particularly if it’s limited.
  • Price all items to increase the chances of selling them. Make the price tags as directed by the person you’re helping. Pre-made stickers with prices are available on Amazon, or you may use blank ones and write the prices yourself.
  • Complete the setup by preparing everything for the day of the sale. This includes removing tarps from tables, setting up large items from the garage, and preparing the money table.
  • Advertise the garage sale. In addition to newspaper ads, you may post ads on Facebook garage sale groups and Craigslist. You may also consider creating individual posts for larger items, which buyers can acquire on a “first come, first served” basis at the sale. Take photos of the items to give potential buyers an idea of what’s available.
  • Post signs at busy intersections to direct traffic to the sale. Place a sign before each turn that drivers must take to arrive at the garage sale. Post signs at least 20 feet from the intersection so that drivers have enough time to slow down and turn.
  • Manage the sale by welcoming buyers, inquiring about what they’re seeking, and answering their questions. You may also be responsible for handling money, so keep a calculator handy and offer to bag buyers’ purchases, especially if they buy fragile items. You may also offer to carry items to their vehicles, particularly for older buyers or those who make significant purchases.
  • Remove the signs and advertisements once the sale is over. Immediately remove the online ads and signage to avoid buyers coming while you’re dismantling everything.
  • Assist the person you helped in dismantling and disposing of the remaining items. You may ask to keep the items for your own garage sale, but consult with your parents before bringing the items home.

Helpful Resources If you don’t have them, you can purchase Sharpies and stickers for the garage sale here. You can visit this place to look for garage sales to assist with.


What is a teenage garage sale assistant?

A teenage garage sale assistant is a young person who helps with organizing, setting up, and running a garage sale. They can assist a family member, friend, or even someone they don’t know to host a successful garage sale.

How old do you have to be to become a teenage garage sale assistant?

There is no set age requirement to become a teenage garage sale assistant. However, most teens are at least 13 years old and have some level of experience with handling money, sorting items, and communicating with customers.

What skills do you need to become a teenage garage sale assistant?

To become a teenage garage sale assistant, you should have good communication and customer service skills, be able to handle money and make change, have basic organizational and planning skills, and be physically able to set up and move items.

How can I find garage sales to help out with?

You can find garage sales to help out with by asking friends and family members, checking social media groups for garage sales in your area, or even driving around your neighborhood and looking for signs.

How much can I make as a teenage garage sale assistant?

The amount you can make as a teenage garage sale assistant varies depending on the agreement you make with the person you are helping. Some garage sale organizers may offer a flat fee, while others may offer a percentage of the total sales.

What should I bring with me to a garage sale as an assistant?

As a teenage garage sale assistant, you should bring a calculator, money to make change, water, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and appropriate clothing for the weather.

What should I do if a customer is rude or difficult to handle?

If a customer is rude or difficult to handle, remain calm and polite. If the situation becomes too difficult, ask for assistance from the person you are helping or a trusted adult.

How can I advertise a garage sale I am helping with?

You can advertise a garage sale you are helping with by posting on social media groups, putting up signs in the neighborhood, or even placing an ad in a local newspaper. Make sure to include the date, time, and location of the garage sale, as well as some of the items that will be available.


Becoming a teenage garage sale assistant can be a great way to earn some extra money, learn valuable skills, and help out members of your community. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can become a successful garage sale assistant, from asking permission from your parents, finding people to help with garage sales, setting up and advertising, to working the sale and cleaning up afterward. Remember to always prioritize safety and communication with the people you are helping, and have fun while earning some extra cash. Good luck!

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